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Alphorn production

Since 1983 we have been making your alphorn in traditional handwork.

Alphorn building since 1983

We are in constant contact with well-known musicians and music educators in order to manufacture a product of the highest quality for you with the art of craftsmanship and the most modern manufacturing processes. The result is an alphorn of the best workmanship in an environmentally friendly production.


Wood selection

We only use wood that we have selected and very well seasoned for your alphorn.
Only fine-grained high mountain woods and high mountain tonewoods are stored in our wood store.
In order to maintain our wood cycle, we buy fresh round timber every year, have them specially cut into boards and planks for us and store them for many years.


Half shells

The alphorn half shells are processed by hand in a special process. This is the only way we can guarantee you precise processing and high surface quality of the highest quality materials.



When wrapping the alphorn, we only use hand-picked rattan so that we can present you with an alphorn that has only slight color differences in the wrapping. 



Our alphorns are individually hand-painted according to customer requirements. You can fall back on a variety of our motifs or work out your own design for your personal alphorn with us. From the club crest to various flower images to the family crest, everything is possible on your alphorn


Image details of the production of our alphorns

If you have any questions about our products, we are always at your disposal.

Because your satisfaction is our greatest concern!