"Making instruments of this consistent quality at this absolutely high level is quite simply an art, I take my hat off!"

Berthold Schick

Dear Michael, dear Alfons

My alphorns from Alphornbau Neumann are not only masterpieces of craftsmanship and absolutely professional musical instruments, they also have soul. By that I mean the overall feeling when you play or hold a Neumann Alphorn in your hand: the feel, the sound, the intonation, the high-quality material and the lovable and authentic Neumann family, who build these instruments with passion. Thanks a lot for this!

Peter Laib

Dear Alfons,

Your craftsmanship as an alphorn maker is unique. Thanks!

Sound volume, response and intonation in all playable pitches, as well as the flexibility of even complicated, virtuosic passages in solo pieces can be wonderfully realized with your alphorn. As a professional musician, I have the aspiration to further develop the literature of the alphorn in addition to the traditional calls and pieces. The medium, i.e. the instrument, has to perform exceptionally well.

Website of Ralf Denninger, qualified music teacher

After a long search, I finally found an alphorn that best suits my needs! Mr. Berthold Schick's recommendation brought me to the Neumann company, where I was able to test a few instruments I decided to buy one of his instruments, which I really enjoy playing.

Greetings from the Simmental

Branimir Slokar

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy playing the beautifully crafted alphorn that you made for me.
Der Klang ist wundervoll warm und weich.
It has an ease of response in every register that is rarely found in an alphorn. The tones are stable and centered in all octaves. This makes it easier to play with good intonation.
Thank you very much!

Greetings from

Alejandro Núñez
Solo horn in the Basel Symphony Orchestra

It is wonderful to make music on such high-quality Neumann alphorns. The joy that you radiate infects many young musicians who also want to learn this instrument. Congratulations on your great work. Keep it up.

Volker Bereuter